Windows programs for LaTeX users


BibTexMng is a very easy to use product of bibliographic software for Windows. BibTexMng combines online searching, reference management, bibliography making, and information sharing into a single user-friendly environment. It was written to be used with Latex, using BibTeX.


BibTexMng is distributed as shareware (try-before-you-buy software)

This program is neither freeware nor public domain. Using after the 30 day trial period requires registration. Unlicensed using of BibTexMng after the 30-days evaluation period expires is in violation of International Copyright laws.

Personal License

The registration fee is US $25 for a personal license. One licensed (registered) copy of BibTexMng may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers (workstations), or installed on a single computer (workstation) used no simultaneously by multiple people, but not both.

License Price Registration
Personal license US $25 Share-it

The usage by multiple people at the same time (on multiple computers) requires Site License.

Site License (multi-user licenses)

A site license allows an institution, company or school to install the program on multiple computers or on a server. It must be guaranteed that the program does not run on more machines at the same time than there are licenses purchased. The fee for a Site License depends on the number of machines/users, as follows:

License Price Registration
Site License up to 10 users US $150 Share-it
Site License up to 50 users US $350 Share-it
Site License up to 200 users US $500 Share-it

BibTexMng License Upgrades

If you have version 5.0, your key is no longer valid.

If you are a registered user of BibTexMng 5.0, you can get a new key for free by e-mailing your name, address and registration number to the following e-mail address:

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